Life-changing Help for 101 Teens – Tyler Jacobson

Life-changing Help for 101 Teens – Tyler Jacobson. Tyler Jacobson is a proud father, husband, writer, and Christ-follower. He has experience as a family

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advocate and working with residential treatment centers for teen boys. His writing focuses on offering honest advice, perspective, and research on everything from modern day parenting, the impact of social media, addiction, mental conditions, and issues facing teenagers today. Tyler hopes his words can equip families with the right tools to overcome challenges and bring them closer together. You can follow Tyler on Twitter.

How Are You Helping Teens?

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Tyler works with organizations that help struggling teens. One particular organization he works with is Liahona Treatment Center, a therapeutic residential facility that helps teen boys identify, work through, and overcome the challenges that are holding them back from becoming the good men they are destined to be.

Tyler’s work with therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers offers him the opportunity to help the youth of today that may be battling addiction, mental disorders, emotional conditions, and more. It is through this work that he can share insight and experience with struggling families. As family is the central focus of God’s plan for us all, Tyler believes he is doing the best – and most rewarding – work.


Can Tyler Help Me?

Every family struggles at some point or another; Families are imperfect, messy, and also completely essential. So through his work, Tyler hopes that readers can benefit by resonating with his words, then choosing to make little changes that will improve their own family relationships.

How can I Help?

Anyone can take part in helping teens and families become stronger. Sharing experiences, supporting fellow parents, and finding ways to improve family-life are just a few of the many ways to get involved.