Fight for the family

Fight For Your Family 101

Fight For Your Family. My name is Susan Hamilton, and I don’t have a short biography! But I will share it in bite-sized pieces through this ministry portal so you can be comforted with the same comfort I’ve been comforted.
SusanHamilton-BillWallace-OBBM7You’ll learn how my marriage went from drugs and violence to sincere adoration and devotion, and how yours can, too. You’ll discover how to stand in faithful intercessory over the addicts in your life – and WIN. You’ll find out the ONE thing that began the changes I needed so desperately to see when I was so broken I was doubting the victory promised in the Word of God.
Friends, whatever it is you’re struggling with today, never forget that Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. If He said it, that’s the way it is. Conform your mind (will), heart (how you hear), and your strength (we CAN do ALL things through Christ which strengthens us!) and transformation is inevitable.
Love that never fails made YOU, in His image and likeness, and sent His Word and IT healed us. Jesus IS that Word, and as you sow it into your heart, and sow it into the atmosphere in faith believing, you’ll see Him manifest all those good things He’s told us about. I’ll share my journey with you and you’ll realize how much Daddy LOVES you, your children, and your children’s children. He can be trusted and His Word is good, it’s possible that our word is NOT … and there’s a solution for that!

What is this Ministry About?

I work with local family business owners to help them take authority over their situations, to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. As a media production house and network, I’m aware that we are not to be another TBN or Daystar, Our approach is solid business resources and advertising in talk show media.
I know as we elevate the local family business through influence and profit, the Kingdom Fight for the familyof God is manifest in our communities, solving problems with the excess of time and money that our More-Than-Enough God lavishes on us. The enemy knows that, too.
I use this opportunity to minister strength and victory to people in the areas that impede their peace and prosperity in the areas of health care, taxation, criminal justice, and veterans support.
As we rise and take our rightful positions in our communities through our businesses, our enemies are being put under His feet, located on the Body of Christ. The Bible says the government is on His shoulders, the OBBM Network gives business the ability to function in that capacity. OBBM is also a felony hire organization dedicated to career employment in technology, customer service, executive assistance, and management.

Who is this for? 

Fight for the family
Fight for the family

OBBM supports the 80% of American micro to small businesses that tend to be family owned with 9 employees or less. This means they are building their businesses while they raise their kids and care for their parents at the same time. They probably have a military, active duty, veteran, police officer, firefighter, or EMT in their family or work space, and over 30% have an addict in their families or work spaces.

These are highly distracted environments, people are often beaten down, making it less likely that they advertise or vote – largely because of the expense and distrust of media propaganda.
OBBM offers coaching, production, programming and promotion through the OBBM Network so they can have a profitable, influential voice in the business community and leverage for the things that concern them the most. Employees trained at OBBM for 12 months are promoted to the community ready to add value, effectively turning around generations of dysfunction and creating safer communities.

A Final Word From Susan

Through practical examples and testimony concerning my journey in family, marriage, business, and ministry, my hope is that visitors to this page see themselves, their loved ones, businesses and Jesus in a whole new light. My prayer is that we’ll recognize the deceit and strategy of the enemy and be empowered to take back our families, businesses, and communities for the Kingdom of God.

How Can One Get In Touch With Susan Hamilton?

Phone #  214-714-0495,