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4 Genuine Questions for Chad – The Refining Life

refining life4 Genuine Questions for Chad. Chad Gramling is a historian, marketer, and author who is “refining life, on purpose.” He regularly blogs about his experiences and the ways God is leading him at 1Glories is a ministry Chad began as part of a quest toward greater discipleship and relationship with Jesus Christ. As he lives, learns, grows — is refining life, on purpose — he invites others to connect, share, learn, and grow as well. Connect with him on Twitter @1Glories or

Interview With Chad

BIG: Chad, Tell us about The Refining Life. 

Chad: During a sermon in Romans, I came to realize every direction I was trying to steer refining lifemy life pursuits, was meaningless. I had become a collector of stuff and was building a platform based solely upon self interests and things that have little eternal meaning. Realizing God had allowed me to achieve my greatest dreams, I had what I call an “Ecclesiastes Moment” – when I realized my pursuits were vanity.

As I pondered my life goals and dreams, I had a vivid realization: God asking me, “Chad, what about MY dreams and goals?” I committed at that very moment to improve how I would faithfully live out the chief end of man – to glorify God – in all that I do for the remainder of my earthly life. It’s led to many years of self-development, discovery, and lots of lessons learned all the while refining life, on purpose.

BIG: How is it that what you do is helping people and who is it helping?

refining lifeIt’s of no value to refine life solely for one’s self. Because we are designed to be an interconnected people all growing in unity, I hope and pray that I can both encourage others to do the same and learn or grow as I do so. We must grow individually, grow in relationship with each other, and grow in relationship with God. As Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

BIG: How is it that your ministry or work can help me (the reader)?

Refining life, on purpose, is about achieving a deeper and true level of discipleship while refining lifeon earth. It’s about intentionally seeking the transforming power of Christ in us and growing in relationship with each other. But we don’t just wake up and do that. We take steps. Sometimes big steps. Often, small steps. Sometimes we even step back or even fall. Refining Life is about recognizing and equipping ourselves and others to take those steps. It’s about gaining the things we need to rise up when we fall. Those needed things are different for each of us. And they differ across varying life seasons.

BIG: How can the average person get involved in helping you and your ministry and work?

refining lifeI often profess that “I am a constant work in progress until the Master calls his Masterpiece home.” That is so true. We are mere lumps of clay when we enter this world. From that very moment, this world is shaping and molding us into ITS image and likeness. We must engage God and seek to be transformed. To have a renewing of heart and mind. Every one of us is in need of life refining. And, of course, we all grow more fully when we are refining together. Pray for one another. Participate in the conversation and invite others to do the same.

It is a true honor to have Chad and his ministry on board at Biblical Instruction Group. We pray you will be blessed as you go through the material that Chad has on his Page.

refining life