The Lord will set the prisoner free .

Listen to a prisoners story of a juvenile who had received a life sentence and was released after serving 68 years .

All Bible blogs I do are all by Gods leading for his glory and I am a greatful servant blessed to know I am used as a vessel for his glory for he is the potter and I am the clay Amen 🙏

One thought on “The Lord will set the prisoner free .

  1. Richard, I sure am happy that God planned for us cross paths on the internet. I am back to believing God is with my son & I.

    I am receiving more spiritual nourishment that I was lacking in my own life and will pass them onto my son.

    I downloaded your 59 sec SHORT yet POWERFUL audio and will of course play it for my son when he is allowed to call again.

    baby~steps 🙏 thank~you to the Most High for using another to send messages… Daughter, I am with you & your son. I hear you, “now come once again… and follow me” AMEN

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