Gods timing is perfect always

In 2006 I lost my wife to cancer and since then I have prayed and asked for God to send me my perfect companion and thru the years I have learned that even this past weekend God had taught me a lot about and good strong relationship and in all starts with God being right in the center at all times or a relationship will never work so instead of asking God for a companion I ask him to make me stronger in him that I may bring glory to him in all things but the Word of God tells us like this about a relationship.
It is God and God only that can give you all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus Amen 🙏 I am grateful for God has been teaching me this past two weeks and one thing I have noticed I am drawing closer to him and back to myself doing his will and Bible blogs and pod casts once again as before amen 🙏 all these Bible blogs are done by his leading and for his glory .

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