When you feel like you’ve lost

When at times you feel like you’ve lost the battle against Satan the Bible and Gods reminds us in his word these verses come to mind

And then God let’s us know that the devil is out to destroy us and we have to be like soldiers in a war as the scripture tells us not every thing we pray for is meant to be but sometimes God puts things or circumstances in our lives to learn from ..,!

And then I have to remember what Gods Word tells me about warfare …,

And then Gods shows me these videos to show me that my joy isn’t in people or things or friends but your joy only comes from the Lord and I had lost that fellowship with him that brought me that joy but glory to God that I have victory in Jesus and I can let nothing stop me from this day on to stop my joy and fellowship with him amen 🙏 I pray all my viewers enjoy this Bible blog for God truly opened up my eyes this day Amen 🙏 and thank you Jesus all this is done for the glory of God Amen 🙏

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