The Power of Prayer 🙏

Prayer 🙏 is very powerful when you mix it with faith Hebrews 11:1,6
A couple of days ago I was in linkedin answering this post about the prison system and what it’s like because I had a life time experience in prisons with 3 sentences to 1st time I did 3 years and the 2nd time I did 2 years and my third trip was a 17 year sentence where I did 12 years and 3 months in that sentence in the Texas prisons so I answered with this …,!
And then thru this post this is how God answers a mothers prayer 🙏 from this comment I posted I met Ms Dorothy.
And she answered with this …
And then I read up about alittle about what happened to her son and prayed over this and then wrote him and letter but I read this about her heartbreak and her son …
And then I prayed and wrote this young Man and then prayed again and posted this in Facebook..
And God put in my heart ❤️ to do this Bible blog with what has taken place these past few day there are a lot of praying mothers out there that have been waiting dor God to answer there prayers for there children …,!

I’ll start off with a story in the Bible about Abraham and Sarah they both wanted a son and at the time that God had an Angel go speak to them Abraham was 75 years old and Sarah was 65 but 10 years went by and they still didn’t have a son so Sarah gave Abraham her maid and she gave birth but God had promised Abraham and Sarah a son and there son God did give them until 25 years later Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 it was 25 years later but God came thru the same with my mother I put her through many years of living a violent lifestyle in she she earnestly prayed that I would get killed like her brothers my uncles and she prayed for 18 years before God answered her prayer but when he did he answered her in a way she did not expect because I was on the run for 2 violent chargers I was caught and given a 17 year prison term 12/3 months later I came home a transformed man of God and ordained Evangelist and a prison ministry all by Gods grace and I had written a song for her while I was in prison and had it recorded for her for Mother’s Day in 2019 in two different versions for her prayers for me all them years she never gave up on her son so I will post the video with the music 🎶 I did for her as well and never forget God never answers your prayers late or he never answers to early for God is always right in his Perfect time I pray that this blog is a blessing to all for it’s all done by Gods leading and for his glory Amen 🙏

Me and my mother not long after my release so never give up on God for he is truely a merciful graceful God amen 🙏

One thought on “The Power of Prayer 🙏

  1. W❤W! I’m just still in W😊W of your story, testimony, and the acknowledgment of the bond between a Mother & her Child. & I am grateful for God leading me to say hello to you on Madeline’s post about mentally ill in Prison, and my beloved son Bryce Vandergrift 01661857.

    I have no doubt that God walks with you Richard, no doubt at all that your walk with him is STRONG and holds Spiritual-Power.

    God spoke to me through my son as I asked about your letter, Bryce’s suicidal thoughts gone, and I finally know that God is hearing my cries and my prayers and my plea. I must stop wishing us death and instead, pray for renewed LIFE, one day to be FREE and my son Bryce and I, to be a FAMILY together again. I must have PATIENCE, keep my FAITH & HOPE, and wait on GOD’S TIMING.

    thank~you 🌷 blessings~galore.
    ms. d. marie pelletier & S❤n.

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