What is Thanksgiving ?

According to tradition thanksgiving is a celebration for the blessing of harvest that we receive , as Christmas, New Years , Valentine’s Day and Easter , Halloween and mother’s day all man made traditions but are true thanksgiving should be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for he is the giver of our harvest he is our provider he is the one that puts food on our table , he is the one that gives us our parents our children our jobs our health and protection and healing he is are all and giver of life thru my years in prison and the gangster life I use to live one thing I know for sure when I wake up every morning and when I lay my head down at time I am thankful to Jesus for the blessing of life and all he has provided for me and for coming to this world as a child just to live to fulfill the law and then die for my sins and for the sins of the world all mankind Amen 🙏

He came into this world to save mankind from there sins .

All bibles studies all given by Gods leading and all i done to bring him glory for the goodness he has blessed me with after living such a sinful past he has saved me and redeemed me from death and has given my life Amen 🙏

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