Knowing your calling and it’s challenges

I Remember when I was called to do my first Marriage, I was afraid , nervous and just not sure that God had called me for this because I was doing only prison ministry at the time but this is how I made my guideline for my wedding and really wasn’t sure if it was God calling me for this mission but then I read a story similar to this one I’m adding now .

We not thru Scripture that faith and fear don’t mix the Word of God Says :

And then we go in to read this true story .

2nd point when God called me to go speak at a Radio station then sing in another station I was nervous scared again and not prepared but it is always God and not is that moves us into the ministry and it’s our choice to let our fears hinder us or to move foward with what God has put in our heart .

And here’s a second point :

And the third point is :

some times God puts people in our lives to be as these pillars in this picture to have some one to lean on when we are weak or to have some one to talk to when we are having trouble in our life or for just fellowship to draw strength from :

But over the years in my life and moving foward with God I have always Juno to my own instincts thinking it was God that is doing the moving if my life or some one else’s life and this is where I have failed God to many times letting my desires of what I want or believing it’s God that’s moving in my life or in the ministry for his glory but I just seem to always fall into my own conclusions not really waiting God and this is where I get confused , but Gods Word says that God is not the author of confusion but then again why am I confused and then I read :

I have always seemed to move way to early before waiting on God and there is a time to move and to wait and there is a time to move and a time to wait but as for me I truly Believe now that maybe my job is done maybe my ministry is over maybe it’s just time now just to quit what I’m doing for God and just stop all I’m seeking for his glory and just be a light to others and an open book and an example as the Word of God tells me in :

So unless I am really positive and know that I know that I know it’s God doing something thru me for his glory with Deep in the Word ministries I’m moving no more foward with Derp in the Word from this day on I will just do these blogs on my website and my podcasts because here I am not confused that’s its God because he gives me the Words for this but I will be content from here in on this journey and walk alone with God and just be that light , that example and that living Word just by living it wherever in at amen 🙏🏻

And I will post this last thing on this blog , of my comfort zone bible class I did when I was trying to run from God in this but listening to this message I know that it was God that called me here and it wasn’t not my own intentions because I really did not want to do this I hope you all we’re blessed with this for all I ever try to do is draw closer to God and bring him glory sometimes the road is hard and sometimes it is scary walking it alone , but one thing I know for sure God always brings me through it all amen 🙏🏻

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