Honor you father and you mother (Exodus 20:12)

The Word of God has many scriptures in the bi le about honoring our parents and the reason I will explain with Gods Word and plain life as to why ?

The Word of God tells us to train up our children in the way they should go , which is teaching our children to live by the Word of God and Gods standards that we may live a blessed life , my parents were actually great parent but me as a stubborn son lived many years in prison .
My parents grew me up in church but I turned towards the way of sin and had to pay for my consequences and I thank God that after serving a -7 year sentence in prison I was blessed to see my parents alive tho I was able to come home to them I came back in there old age and had to bear the pain of my father going thru this …,

And thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins and for you given us grace and mercy and peace to help us overcome our sorrows and pain .

So after coming home from prison I was blessed to see my dad for the last of his seven years of his life which was a blessing .
Which led to which every person in there life time regrets to see and that’s seeing our parents leave this world .

I just want to just stop and meditate for a minute and say thank you Jesus for having mercy on me and giving me a few years of his time left on earth to spend with my Dad and to let him see that God had really changed my life and was able to see me preach instead of seeing me fight and go to jail for many years like he use to and I want to thank God for still having my mother here with me still on earth to live and show her the son she always wanted me to be , sometimes we learn to late but I am grateful to God that they were able to see a new reborn son in Christ amen miss you dad and always will and I will always give glory and praise to Jesus Christ for blessings me with such a good father I am going to end this blog with the song my sang at my dads funeral service may every one be blessed by the blood of Jesus amen .

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