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(COVID-19)Prison,the World ,Jesus ,satan,sin testimony , death ,life

As we see the visit passing so quick through the world 🌎 so quick we start to wonder , what could be causing such disaster it can be Gods wrath , or just sin running rampage in this world and satan here destroying Gods creation as I’ve seen one of my family members my cuzin our first in the family has a testimony for overcoming little by little rhe corona virus 🦠 by Gods grace amen .

Now in the Texas Prisons the virus 🦠 has spread , God is waking up his people ..,!

And even in the headline news about this powerful virus 🦠 from sickening people to taking lives .

How is spreading fast thru the states and the entire world 🌎

And what is God trying to tell the people in this world and his church ?

John 14:6 Gods Word says Jesus is the way the truth and the life Jesus is the only way to make it thru this virus 🦠 and if we don’t make it they it then he is the only way to heaven I want to show this video one more time to get people to think as Gods people as well for it has had me thinking these past few days to pray more May this blog be a blessing to get one back to there prayer life or back to Jesus for this blog is all done to bring glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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