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Corona Virus VS. Gods Wrath

Sometimes to much watching TV 📺 and listening to the media brings much panic to the World 🌎 and the people panicking and running wild in the stores thinking the worse and the world is ending but while we look and ponder at the pictures of the virus ..,!

After I read the Bible blog I posted yesterday I wanted to re-do that part about Gods Wrath that the Bible talks about and how some times God let’s these things happen because the Church his people are in there comfort zones not worried about a thing or anybody because they are also living in this fast Computer age now as well as the world is ..,!

So as I was watching this video I thought I would add it to this blog about how we are living to fast in this life now not giving time to God or to are families and friends , now a days everyone is living in a fast life that maybe just God is trying to slow us down and let us enjoy one another since we all have to stay home , this is the best time to get to know your family who you hardly talk to because your mind is with on work or on your cell phone or your computer or tablet I’ve myself have done it and I have had people talking to me but not really paying attention because either there on there phone or there mind is some where else please take time and listen to what this lady has to say it could be a message from God I hope every one can get something out of what God it telling the world thru this ladies message in this video , everything I post is for Gods glory and it’s what God puts in my heart to write in each post may you all be blessed .

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