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When we try and run like Jonah , the Word is our guide

This blog is going to be on 2 subjects me trying to quit and run from God and the Corona Virus , 1st as in the book of Jonah , Jonah tried to quit and run from God but he was swallowed alive by a whale or big fish until he repented and Gods Grace freed him from the belly of the whale and then Jonah went to preach of Gods wrath and as for me I was trying to run from God and quit but God had two people to talk to me and tell me how can you quit and run from the thing you love and that is visiting prisoners to help and give them hope that there still is people In this world that cares but as I talked to these people one which I thought was my good friend afterward gave me a few thoughts of her mind last week my , and my first sign with the people I spoke with was this I recieved in the mail was God confirming to me that I could wind up like Jonah which was these letters …,

When I recieved these letters, first let me explain that the reason I know God was telling me that I have a service for him for a lifetime because our vacation was in Rhode Island a place I’ve never been and I didn’t talk to any one there about me or my life I received this letter from Rhode Island from a man that’s never met me or how did he know ant thing about my ministry down in New York when it’s a Texas ministry yet he writes me to help and write to the prisoners down there , the other thing that I know about God is that he puts friends in our lives for when we are going thru problems, a true friend is to hear you out and give you advice but afterwards I was told this past week I found out that the person wasn’t the good friend that person was because a friend is who you trust that person when your going thru something but it is things like that , that’s makes me want to quit because after learning from God it’s hard to find a true friend but then God brought this to let me know what he started with me if I finish my ministry he has blessed me with I will be blessed in the end amen 🙏🏻

Then God showed me that I was just stressed and worn out from not resting and trying to do to much my spirit was in empty and my fire for God needed to be rekindled .

This was something God showed me how my fire for him was in 2017 and now after learning and listening to him thru prayer last night I found out who is my real friend and partner and who isn’t and just stay away from negative people and Connect with only those that bring the good out of you as I said here in 2017 amen

And now even more with this corona virus 🦠 spreading through the world my brothers and sisters in prison need me even more now and let them know that we need to pray because the devil does bring sickness into this World but some times God let’s this happen to get his people back into prayer life and get right with him , just watch these next few postures ..,!

So as I have prayed I have learned one thing for sure not all that profess to be friends are truly your friends and I have found out that the only true friends you can trust are those that serve and dedicate there lives to Jesus and second don’t believe everything the media says because sometimes the things that happen is this world is because of Gods wrath and anger in this world because of the sin we allow without praying over our leaders and are family and our friend who do not serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻 hope this video is a blessing to you all my readers as I came home from work yesterday it was what God put in my heart to speak on , this video was done all for the glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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