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My journey is done

Paul spoke about keeping his faith and have fought to good fight which would be a blessing to accomplish but for my my fight is over I’m not fighting to more the battle is just too tough and I can definitely say to God I’m sorry but I can’t hang on no more my fighting is done my ministry is done I just don’t have to power to want to fight any more I know what the word says it says ..
This I have found out the hard way thinking God was moving in my life then joy comes and satan comes and steals the joy that’s why my fighting is done my course has ended and the ministry is done the battle is hard to fight alone I give up my sword and let some one other take over the battle I’m out of strength , faith and Joy sickness hits satan attacks and the Armor has been broken.

I can truely say after Deep in the Word ministries started when God opened the doors for me I can say I was a very happy and joyful man but after praying over my situation for the past 2 days I have decided to retire Deep in the Word ministries I have no more fight left in me and no more energy nor the desires I once had so I prayed and am just being honest with God that to journey has been long , hard and not an easy battle but I can say I did enjoy the years doing the ministry God blessed me with but I have asked God that I cannot do it no more so as of today Deep in the Word ministries is going into retirement there is plenty of ministries out there that can finish what I can no longer Do God bless you all and the years of ministry I did was just to bring God glory amen and May you all have a very blessed life of what you do amen .I thought I would end with one of the last things I did a few weeks ago on the radio station 🚉

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