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Month: March 2020

Ministry Video

Amen God is still in control and the ministry will still keep flowing as the Lord allows all for his Glory amen 🙏🏻

Quick video for Gods Glory

This is something I had to do to practice with making my videos with the talent God blessed me with it starts off with my video I posted yesterday for […]

There is Power in Gods Word

We the people of God need to get Deep into Gods Word there is so much power and peace and the power over satan and his demons when we are […]

Corona Virus VS. Gods Wrath

Sometimes to much watching TV 📺 and listening to the media brings much panic to the World 🌎 and the people panicking and running wild in the stores thinking the […]

My journey is done

I can truely say after Deep in the Word ministries started when God opened the doors for me I can say I was a very happy and joyful man but […]

Corona virus vs. Jesus Christ

Faith Vs. Fear While every one in the world is worried about the corona virus let me introduce you to a man name Jesus that has the right answers and […]

Gods blessings and mercy

The doors God has opened for me to get his Word across the World 🌎 it is an honor and a blessing to be a servant of God and be […]