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Help-Meet Genesis 2:18

In Genesis 2:18 the Word of God tells us that Man should not be alone , he created Eve for Adam to balance him in the things he could not do on his own , and one time I had that type of person in my life she was my wife but we only did fellowship while I was in pridin so I never have nown what he was like to fellowship with the opposite sex since I’ve been out something I’ve been laking but God put my wife in my life to help me make it through while I was in prison and passed on one year before me release .

The Word of God says only a good woman can come from God
The Word of God also says we will get a good wife from God when we find favor with him .

And the Word of God tells us who can find a virtuous woman , only a man of God that has Gods Fave amen 🙏🏻

And for many years I have not know that , that is what I was laking until he put a special friend in my life and that friend has brought me along way through her fellowship I have learned and am still learning how to be a good Man of God God only knows that we need that fellowship daily to make it through life more smoothly when we have that special grind to just talk to and fellowship with and pray for one another and all that cross our paths but one thing I do want to Do is thank God for giving me my wife while I was in prison to make it thru them long lonely years in prison k owing she was by my side praying for me amen o

And I am just greatful to God for his mercy and love and grace over my life and I did this video in dedication to my wife to let her know in Heaven she is always thought of and I still love her and miss her dearly and all this is done to bring my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ glory , honor and praise amen 🙏🏻 hope you readers enjoy this blog

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