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Testimony from prison

Today I went to visit this brother I did time with on the old Beto 2 unit now called the powledge unit I was locked up for 12 years and this brother Waymond Wilson was in prison for 25 years and was just released about 6 months ago after 25 years behind bars I was struggling mentally yesterday with all the lies the devil put in my head he wanted me to do and thanks to Jesus I can overcome my sinful desires and past sins but this morning God woke me up and had me go Visit thr mother of 2 friends I had that were brothers but passed on young and there I realized that I am going through nothing like others are going thru now I left there home at 3 and went to visit this brother that I was in prison with but let me start off before I show the video I did with his testimony a few scriptures and some bible verses

These are the 2 vehicles God has blessed him with and is staying in this house of a pastor that lets prison releases stay once released we were both doin time on this prison .and Word of God says .

And this is the type of people on that prison we were on that we had to watch our backs and pray for at the same time .

And after talking to this brother today I found out that his mind was struggling as my mind was last night and he was telling me what he was going thru and thinking , and I told him I was thinking the same way he was so God had me come visit him today just so I can see that we all struggle but we need each other to help one make it through the Battle I may have hurt some feelings last night and I may have lost what God put down my path to help me with this fight and with the ministry but I am learning fast that I need to start praying first before I send a text or do a blog or even call some one that I may learn not to offend or hurt people you sincerely care about and that’s a tough lesson that hurts when you make that mistake but this brother helped me cope today Lord Jesus knows I needed some one to talk to and then I recorded our testimony of doing time together in prison serving Jesus and now out here amen 🙏🏻 all is done for the glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , hope you are blessed with this testimony.

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