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Prison ministry weekend

This weekend we spent the weekend at the Texas department of criminal justice institutional divisions Estelles Safe-P unit on Saturday and Estelle main building on Sunday today I was blessed to meet brother Sirus and his with from Seventy times 7 ministry and I also meet brother Roberts wife Laura with Pecular Treasure ministry and me with Deep in the Word Ministries’s I was blessed meeting in the prison chapel service this wonderful anointed men and woman of God which ate in these pictures today .

and it was a blessing to minister here beside them with my guitar and the anointing God gave me with Music at this unit

But brother Robert ministers and this unit the same weekends brother Jeff ministries with Micheals fellowship group and the maximum security Michaels unit of where I love going so I have to choose between the 2 ministries which is hard to do but I may have to not go with brother Robert just because the drive and farther and I have been doing for the past years going with brother Jeff in which is a blessing because we don’t do church service we do ministering to the guys that don’t go to church so I may stay with traveling with brother Jeff .

After the service today and stopped by the prison museum and did a little shopping and visited the museum the day finished not as it started on the weekend and did not end the way I wanted it to but life is life and the way life rolls we have to roll with the flow I’ve learned that now thru the years and well God will be God and he is the one that’s in control here are a few pictures of that visit .

These are all things that were made by inmate prisoners .

and then the Texas electric chair and the needles to execute with .

I know one thing I did learn I am not asking God for things any more because sometimes things do not work out so I have learned the hard way and am still learning but one thing for sure I’m the asking is don’t I’m finished and all I can do is what he wants me to do with brother Jeff and the Micheals unit will be my focus now for I know now that’s where God is leading me and I am blessed and honored to serve my Lord where he sends me all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Amen 🙏🏻

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