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Loneliness and Gods promise

Wow the things that God brings us to read at times can really amaze the mind and how we and others may think when they feel lonely but what God promises to those that feel lonely .

So I guess that’s why when family and friends pass on we seem to feel left out I have this video playing guitar with my uncle and we would sing Christian songs as with my other uncles and my Dad which are either no longer here or are to old to enjoy playing together but cherish every moment God gives you with family and friends because as life passes by us so fast and we look back we say where did all that time go we’re we living are lives that fast that we didn’t notice the time flying so quickly remember Gods love and to love thy neighbor as thyself amen 🙏🏻 couldn’t get my me and uncle video but here is my Son singing for my Mom on the piano for her at her house amen 🙏🏻

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