Quotes and testimony of a praying mother

Just some things I have learned to grow and Learn from by after today after meeting a Godly Man God send to me for this purpose Deep in the Word prison ministry is over Deep in the Word will be going another direction on website and podcast and all can be done from home , no more road trips or traveling thank you Jesus and for the Godly man God brought down my path today amen .

I have learned so much I. The past 3 months but in the last 2 days God today sent me a brother thru my training with something I needed to hear God I’d so good that is dosent matter where you at you and with peopke you never met and strait out and tell you quit believing the things you think are of God which are not your letting your feelings and loneliness blind you pray up and wait for God but I made a better choice today just quit and you never be mislead by your emotions the thinks I’ve been seeing a feeling at work as I go see the offices I noticed my walk and what I am believing is not of God but of my emotions so as for me I’m just stopping I’m not trying or battling no more I’m not quoting God but I’m not trusting in me my feelings or my thoughts from this day on and this song and video is dedicated to the only person. I can sincerely trust in my life besides God is my mom amen so this video and song goes to my special mother amen 🙏🏻 all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻

And one of the greatest lessons I did learn today in training buy this brother in my class that true Jesus did send our servants in 2 to protect one another but Jesus came to serve all alone and my path is to follow Jesus and be some a great servant not by having a big ministry but by being a servant and ding it life the example Jesus Left me is to serve alone as he did amen 🙏🏻 for opening my eyes by a brother I had never met in my life amen .

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