Morning motivation and scripture meditation

We can curse with our words or we can bless others we can also bring life everlasting by our words or condemnation to ourselves .

Now it’s this picture and theses verses it what God says about us .

The moment we ask for forgiveness God forgives us and never to condemn us for our past faults and just like Gods forgives us we need to forgive ourselves for our past faults I did many horrible crimes and I went to prison for I hurt many people and even my family but when God forgave me I don’t dwell on my past or the wrongs I did I see me as God sees me now as a vessel used for his glory amen 🙏🏻

Just thought I’d post another blog tonight of what God puts in my heart I have a lot on my mind and a bit in confusion right now seems like when I try to say the things that I feel deep down inside I always say the wrong things or when I’m suppose to say some thing I seem to say them to soon or at the wrong time , just feel right now like maybe my walk with God isn’t they way it’s suppose to be or maybe I’m just not waiting on Gods timing and just jumping to words and actions to soon I really don’t know now because I have confused myself I think I need to listen to the comfort zone message again and see what God is trying to teach me amen 🙏🏻 hope this message made since to some because to me I’m trying to see what God is saying to me but anyhow may every one have a very awesome and blessed night amen .

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