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Michael fellowship group

Last night on 1/18/2020 I was at the 20th Anniversary at Prestonwood church in Plano TX and we were celebrating the anniversary of 20 years of prison ministry as I was blessed to participate in this celebration 🎊 because I am part of the coalition of churches or ministries that’s a part of helping and going to the Michaels maximum security prison with the gospel of Christ and the chaplain of the church started off the message of the word with this verse .

Paul was talking to the church stating that he was already being poured out like a drink offering , for his time of death was near that he had fought the good fight of faith and the chaplain was speaking to the men, us that go into them prisons and he was breaking down that Paul was pouring out himself for the glory of God as a sacrifice totally pouring out his life for the mission that God set before him and that his mission had been fulfilled and he was about to die for the gospels sake , and that powerful message stuck deep in my spirit I had to come get a Futher study on what was the drink offering in the Old Testament and what God was teaching me about this offering and brought these verses to mind .

And as I read these scriptures and meditated on the Word , God revealed that this were part of the sacrificial duties that God required in the Old Testament, so Paul was stating that he was being poured out as a sacrifice for the mission of the Gospel as in this verse .

So this message was to the men and there wives in this group to let them know of there appreciation to the men for sacrificing there time to go to the prison with the Gospel of Christ and for the woman of sacrificing there time with there husbands for letting them participate and also for being prayer warriors and praying and agreeing with the mission God has set before them .

Then the Chaplain came with this verse where Jesus said if any one would follow him we would have to take up our cross daily and follow him and that would mean that we would have to deny ourselves and our own desires and follow Christ no matter the cost .

And the cost on this message was , the men that were there at this celebration were the ones sacrificing there time to go reach the broken-hearted to the men in the Prison at the Micheals unit .

And the last part of this message Jesus was saying ye came to prison and visited me .

And as this massage was being preached we listened and took all in then we sang and worshipped God with the sacrifice of praise .

As I came home and meditated on this powerful message of what the Chaplain gave to us on this celebration Jesus gave me a more detailed meaning of being a sacrifice for the kingdom of God and for his glory first was another scripture the chaplain mentioned in his message was . To be a living sacrifice ,

And God began to reveal to me that in our flesh that sometimes to be a living sacrifice is not easy it’s about denying ourselves and our desires for Jesus and the Gospel mission as in these next set of scriptures God gave me .

We have to die to self , like a corn of wheat and we need to hate our selfish desires in this life and to find life in Jesus and that means taking up our cross and dying to self daily .

We must learn to pray and ask God to help us overcome our desires and give us the desire to serve him whole hearted and faithfully as John the baptist stated in this next verse .

Jesus must increase in our lives and we must decrease or desires for his glory .

And we must do as Paul declares in this next verse which is a battle within ourselves and our desires but we must constantly bring our bodies into subjection for the gospels sake or when we preach to others they will not listen to our preaching or our message because we are not living what we preach .

And some times as they did with Jesus , people will tell us to come down from our cross of sacrificing our lives and quit suffering physically , and give into our fleshly desires and come down off our cross of our fleshly sacrifice and enjoy the desires of our flesh as they told Jesus , if your the Son of God come down from your cross .

As in these verses and what the Chaplain preached last night saying this journey and the mission won’t be easy, but to be affective for the glory of God and for the Gospel of Christ we have to follow his Word ,and his leading, and with the people he puts down our path, to help us be affective and to finish our mission he has set before us .

We must pray :

We must pray for the people God has put in our lives to fulfill his mission in our walk with him our brothers ,and sisters ,and our ministry partners, for his glory , For Jesus never sent out no one alone on a mission because your brother or sister in ministry who ever God had set on his mission with you are more affective by 2 or more for if one falls or stumbles the other will life him up .

We must also be a light that others may see to be drawn to Jesus .

The Word of God Says that we are his light to this world, and then Jesus goes farther to say in the Gospel :

If God sends us out no one will come to us ,when God sends us out on a mission if they do not see his light, flowing in our walk ,and in our talk ,and in the spirit .

And last of all we are his message , by the way we live , we are his Word ,men and women watch and read , they watch us by our words ,and actions, we are the Gospel of Christ sent out on a mission for his glory .

It was a blessing listening and having fellowship with this special group and the special people God has put down my path and on this walk and mission with me I can truly say just 2 months ago I was ready to throw in the towel I no longer wanted to live and had no more fire left in me to keep going I was at the end of my rope and ready to just let go until God intervened as he always does and put the right people in my life that he used for his glory to spark that light back deep Inside me and re-ignited that fire of God in me ,and now once again. God came to my rescue and filled me with his joy that Words cannot explain I hope this message was an encouragement to all that read this message for it is all said and done for the glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ May you all have a very blessed day amen .

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