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A living Testimony

The Word of God tells us the be a living testimony , and as we focus on God the blessings will begin flowing in our lives and the people around us but it all starts in the Word of God we need to read and meditate on Gods Word and he will show us by his word what we need to focus on I am going to post a few blessings God has blessed this ministry with over the years and some scriptures Gods put in my heart and a video I did a few months ago of traveling for Jesus with the Gospel of Christ .

Well first last me start off with the prayer of Jabez and a commentary on Jabez .it’s a great blessing and honor to be used of God and as Jabez God enlarges our border or ministry to do more for the Gospel of Christ .

As this letter I received a few moths back after visiting a prison maximum security and going into add Seg to speak the the men that were locked about 23 hours a day because these are the trouble guys that start trouble yet behind them bars .

But the Word of God tells us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts … and he will give us the desires of our heart when it comes to doing the will of God .

And let’s look at some other verses that we need to follow as well to keep the ministry as God has set before us .

We also need to get addicted to the ministry of the saints and devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of Gods Word .

And let’s see what else the Word of God tells us .

The Word of God also tells us we need to overcome satan by the Word of our testimony , and that’s is by us exhorting each other daily so we don’t be overcome by sin , and Gods Word tells us that God hears us and writes a book of remembrance of what we exhort one another on .

Here is another testimony of knowing that God has transformed my life when I feel at times that I am no impact in this world when it comes to Jesus until I get letters or text saying that my testimony was powerful then I know I was right where God wanted me .

And then we have here where Gods Word tells us not to be conformed to this world , but to transform our minds and that’s by meditating on Gods Word .

And this is what God gave me when he had me go preach to some men , about getting out of there Comfort Zone and I remember being very nervous because I had only been preaching to men in prison the people I knew and understood but to go preach to men that were business men I had never done and it was there that I understood that God wanted me out of my comfort zone .

And here is a Chaplain that God put down my path when I was in prison, he would always come to our Dorm to visit us and he help me as I was new in my walk with God I had only been behind bars about a year when I met this great Chaplain Bob Ayers .

And I will end this Story with a video I did (Driving for Jesus with the Gospel) but I will also put up a few things to read and ponder on for the year 2020 and also Matthew 6:19-33 where Gods word tells us the birds do not work or worry but God feeds them and how pretty the flowers and nature is but there is not one person that can create better Beauty or how God clothed the flowers of the fields , and we are to God more important than these flowers and nature amen 🙏🏻 well I hope and pray every one did get the message of how God keeps us under his wings as we focus on following him studying his word and praying 🙏🏻 daily all glory be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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