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My God shall supply all your needs .

I just want to touch base in ministries and Gods Word about the needs for ministry , I have been out of prison going on 13 years and God blesses me with Deep in the Word ministries in January of 2008 about 6 months after my release and I have traveled all over Texas with different various ministries and I have seen many asking for money to help there ministry get the Word across to different prisons but I’ve never actually read this in the Bible let me start off with a few verses of Gods Word .here we have the prayer of Jabez asking God to enlarge his coast or as in terms of today’s language enlarge my ministry but did not ask for a big bank account or have people give him money he just wanted more coast to proclaim the gospel let’s look at another few scriptures .and in Genesis we read that after Adam and Eve had there 2 sons Abel brought the firstlings of his flock and thats where every thing starts by giving to God your tithe of filling his store house let’s read a few more .in these verses look what Gods Word says about bringing the collection for the saints the church or bring all your tithes into the storehouse but then listen to what God says next God says if you do this I will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing , that there will not be room to receive it . So if God Does bless you that much why do we need to be asking for money if God promises to pour us out a blessing .so we read what the Word of God says when we obey his Word as Christians , ministers and preachers .and these are the blessings God sends when we are using the first fruits of our earnings for Gods work and ministry let’s see some other scriptures on this subject of Gods Word .in these verses Jesus is sending the desciples out in a ministry mission but did not tell them to go ask the people for funds for the ministry .in these verses God says honor the Lord with your substance , then God Word says his grace will abound that we may have all sufficiency that every good work may abound .and in these verses we see when the church started they were not asking for donations they were selling there possessions and laid them at the apostles feet and this last verse says is all but my God shall supply all your needs , he didn’t say some or sometimes Gods Word says he will supply all your needs , as I have learned over the years and still learning from God he has blessed me with a great Job I have money to do Gods will because he blesses me if I get asked to go with some one else’s ministry because Gods anointing has blessed my ministry I don’t asked them for funds or by my meals because God had already furnished that before I was asked I do have a donation page for the Ministry but I never ask for funds I ask God in prayer if some one has the desire to bless my ministry Lord put it in there heart I don’t have to ask you I ask God if it’s his will that they would bless the ministry but if no one does God still furnishes all I need but the most blessing I get out of helping other ministers and ministries are those not looking for fame or funds because they know God already had it covered for them ,but this is where I get my blessings by receiving things like this .then I am blessed and know I was right in the place where God wanted me to be and I know that Jesus has truly blessed my life by dying on the cross for my sins amen 🙏🏻 amen this is something God has put in my heart for the past 2 weeks about the ministry and how he works when it comes to getting his will done that I don’t have to do what other ministries do in asking for donations because if God wants them to donate he will put it in there hearts without me having to ask and if they don’t God will supply all my needs amen I hope and pray that this study was a blessing for all glory and praise goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻

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