Band-Aids, Freedom and Political Correctness

Freedom, Political Correctness and Band-Aids… Is government the solution or is it the problem? I have heard compelling arguments on both sides of the bench. I cannot deny that government has been instrumental in bringing social changes that have made us a better nation and a better people. But… Continue reading “Band-Aids, Freedom and Political Correctness”

Don’t Freak Out With Your Misbehaving 3-Year-Old

What Would Jesus do with a misbehaving 3 year-old? Whatever it is that Jesus would do, I must warn you that there will be many times YOU will have no clue what to do. But you still have to pretend you are in control. Like when your three-year old melts down at the grocery store. What do you do? You are wearing a “WWJD” bracelet … Continue reading Don’t Freak Out With Your Misbehaving 3-Year-Old