Jesus is the reason for the season

as children we are taught that Christmas is all about Santa Claus and presents , but the true biblical and history reason it that a Savior was born in this world to bring us salvation to God in heaven and this is why the 3 wise men brought gifts to Jesus and here are some biblical scriptures on Jesus being Born .so as believers in Jesus Christ we should always remember what this time is all about and me personally I celebrate Jesus Birthday daily I don’t celebrate the salvation he gave me once a year but I try to celebrate his birth , death and resurrection daily

First of all I am great to God for my salvation second I praise God for my health and I’m am greatful for the people God has put in my life I am greatful for my job my bosses and the offices I work for and the few people at work that appreciate who I am , and in every job you going to have that one that will just try to bring you down may start off well but you will always see there true colors in the end and that’s what is so great about God he always shows you who your true family and friends are as in scripture when you have a problem or at work we as Christians should do …,and eventually what happens we people start to see your true colors is …and there are 2 types of loneliness one when no one wants to be around you which causes stress and going out to look for some one to give you attention which eventually will lead to sin or lonely time with Jesus Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness alone but one thing he had God so he really wasn’t lonely also Paul when he went 3 years in the desert alone he wasn’t really lonely because God was with him so we can bring loneliness upon ourselves by our attitudes or we can be lonely and have God and not stress we will go thru trials and tribulations but God is there with us and here is Moses and Paul’s lonely I did this short video of the blessings of God to have family as my blessings at work with my true blessed co-workers and my only blessed bible student . Hope this bible study was as blessing for all glory goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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