Trust once lost can never be the same .

I have learned my lesson but it’s just hard when you have friends and brothers in ministry or even brothers at work that you trust , will let you down and make you feel worse that an unbeliever would ,but what does the Bible tell us .why does the Bible tell us this because man will always lets you down Paul in Corinthians talked about being among false brethren .at the last of this verse Paul states that he was among false brethren. Also the scriptures say in ..,!and here it talks about Satans ministers transforming themselves as Angels of light but we have to discern what the Bible say about the fruit .and what is our Christian fruit that we should bear let’s look at scripture .this is the type of fruit a Christian should bear ,but what is the fruit or lust of the flesh lead by satan let’s look at scripture as I speak with many ministers and why I do not go with certain ministries because they bear not the fruit of the spirit but the lust of the flesh .

I was speaking to one of my co-workers about a certain incident and how I was hurt and disappointed because this Christian that I really liked and cared for really hurt and disappointed me because I had lots of trust and really looked up to this person as a strong Christian but trust is like the picture on the start of this study 📖 and she said maybe your holding a grudge and I said , I am going to do a bible study today on the definitions we are taking about first is grudge what’s the meaning let’s see see this is the meaning of grudge I don’t have this type of feeling towards this person the next was mad look at its definition.I am not angry with certain ministers or this particular person so the third word we talked about was despiteful Let’s look at this definition and no I have no feelings towards them like this either so what was the next word hatred let’s look at this definition no I don’t feel like this either but I feel this in the air from others towards one another in ministry and on the Job .what was our next word we talked about remember we were talking about how I felt towards certain ministers and a certain person hurt yes this was one feeling I had towards this person but not just hurt also the next definition yes why because I cared and trusted this person with my whole heart and was starting to really believe God had put some one in my life as a Christian I could rely on and never be hurt let down or disappointed but again where did this all start in what ?????and what does this picture show .and what does the Bible say about trusting man or woman and what does God tell us ,to trust in his Word just like a few months ago I started a bible study at work and the one person I thought would still be in the Bible study was the one that had a relationship with Jesus already for years but it wasn’t the one I thought and several others that started, but that’s not what I’m trying to say the thing is there was one young lady in the group that I never thought she would be interested in God or would even last one week in the Bible studies , but she is still very strong in her studies and still wanting to know about God ,and his Word has taught me never judge a book by its cover , there are many people in this world that aren’t Christian but they live like they are and you can see like they bear the fruit of the spirit in there lives and , there are Christians that after a while you will see who they really are by the works of there flesh with hateful actions envy , strife and divisions and that isn’t Christ like I believe this is why God has me alone mostly because I need to learn more and to lean more on God and his leading instead of trying to find people on my own in helping me to do Gods Word after the past week or so I’ve been hurt and disappointed only a person that I truly believed in but I can’t fall into that trap any more I have to pray more fast and study and ask God daily to teach me to be a better Christian , minister , brother , son a father and friend and co-worker ,thank you Jesus for you Holy Spirit I have learned another lesson from my great God this past couple of weeks and just need to stay focused on him I hope every one has enjoyed this bible study this study was mainly given to me because God wants me to learn from him and quit trusting on man so much and trust him daily amen 🙏🏻

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