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Missing you Dad

miss my dad wish he was still around he taught me to be the hard working man I am today not by spanking or yelling at me as I got older and got into trouble but by his example as he lived before me and his example made me the man I am today Thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful father .


And even tho I learned to be the working man I am by his example I never learned to be the father to my children as he was a gray father to us his children his life was all about us and my life was all about me , could be that we lived different lives I don’t know he lived making a living for us while I lived my life in prison most of my life I guess at my age now I could never have could never have that relationship my dad has with us with my children mainly because he built his world around us his children which thing I didn’t do now I guess it’s to hard or to late to even try now but God knows I would love too but it’s just to late but any how I heard this song in YouTube about a son wanting to see his father again as I wish I could .hope this song with touch the hearts of the families of them that still have there fathers and to them that don’t , all glory be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻

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