A praying mother


after all the years me and my sister put my mother thru a true life of hell on earth she never gave up on us me in prison 3 times in my life and my sister 4 times in her life but are mother kept praying for us and visited with us frequently while we lived in prison all then years

in these pictures my mother took my wife to go visit me for 3 day during a marriage seminar so while I was living that gangster lifestyle and living in and out of prison and leaving my wife to raise our children alone my mother kept preying for me and she still does and even at my age now that there’s things I go thru that I ask her to pray for me so it dosent matter how old we may be we will always feel the need for our mothers unconditional love and I dedicate this song to my mother and all the people that still have there mothers and to the ones that don’t who will pray for me after Momma is gone all glory be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Christ there is not a woman in this life time that could ever replace our mothers weather it be wife or girlfriend on husband or boyfriend no one could ever replace a mothers live amen 🙏🏻

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