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Month: December 2019

Jesus is the reason for the season

as children we are taught that Christmas is all about Santa Claus and presents , but the true biblical and history reason it that a Savior was born in this […]

The old man is dead

A song me and my Son practiced together for the first time I usually play this song by myself in the Texas prisons with my guitar but I would love […]

Missing you Dad miss my dad wish he was still around he taught me to be the hard working man I am today not by spanking or yelling at me as I […]

A song my mother Wrote

My brothers Band Grupo Stampede practiced this song the first time that my mom wrote and the song cane out a blessing is about the past my mother use to […]

Family glorifying Jesus Here is a song my cousin Jordan wrote last year and him and his mom Joann sang this song together today for the first time to glorify God in […]

A praying mother after all the years me and my sister put my mother thru a true life of hell on earth she never gave up on us me in prison 3 […]

True followers of Christ

and as we read Gods Word Judas had the best teacher in the world Jesus himself but Judas attitude and heart wasn’t right as we read in these next verses […]