Never judge a book 📚 by its cover

I have learned by the grace of God to never judge a book 📚 by its cover , A person really needs to read a book before he or she can say really anything about the book if they haven’t read it , and it’s the same with people just because a person dresses nice or goes to church or is a nice person or just prays or believes in God , because the Bible says even the devil believes and trembles but that doesn’t make him saved just because he believes , Now Deep in the Word ministries was mainly just a prison ministry but about 3 months ago my co-workers wanted to know about God and his word because salvation and true Happiness is having a relationship with God and knowing his Word , well I did judge a book by its cover because when we started this bible study of going thru the book of Genesis some of the class has slowed down and some quit completely of the study of Gods Word , but this young Lady (Ivonne) was one of the ladies I really believed in my heart she wouldn’t last and I was wrong , for today she is the first and only student thus far to complete the book of Genesis and with a hunger to know and understand Gods Word every day she would ask to pray and ask me questions of things in Genesis she didn’t understand and we would go over the chapters together , and I can truly say I am amazed and proud of her because she completed step one and I never thought she would . and what does Gods Word tell us about the study of Gods Word .the Word if God tells is if we study and meditate on his Word we will be blessed .

And Gods Word also says that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart see I was looking at this young lady with my physical eyes but God seen her heart and that’s why her desire to learn from God is still strong in her behalf because God sees her heart .and tho she has faults and shortcomings we cannot judge her for that , because we all fail God and none of us are perfect and if we say we have fellowship with God and say we have no sin or judge others then we are making God a liar and this is what Gods Word says and Gods Word tells us to trust in him and don’t trust in our own understanding because we don’t see people and there deep desires as God does .and because of this Gods Word tells us that his people are destroyed because the lack of knowledge and prayer does not give knowledge and believing in God does not give knowledge the only way to get the knowledge of God is to do it by studying Gods Word amen 🙏🏻 so today I am proud today and thank you Jesus for giving this young lady the desire to want to have a relationship with God and that doesn’t mean we are perfect or don’t sin it means that we need God and his help daily to over come our shortcomings amen 🙏🏻 and this is what Gods Word tells us about the thoughts he have for us and how we accomplish what he has in store for us all that seek him daily amen oI am so blessed to do my first blog on what God has had me doing outside of the prisons and unto my job site with Gods awesome Word and can’t wait for the others to come thru as well amen 🙏🏻 he is so worthy to be praised and all glory be given to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .


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