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Giving thanks to God always

I sit here a try to learn a new song to my King 👑 of kings and Lord of lords and I do get nervous when I try an Learn something but I am always trying to find out new ways of giving praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I am far from perfect and I don’t think I will ever be able to abide by his standards because I know I fail him daily but I am never going to give up even when I make mistakes I have to fight the good fight of faith because I am an overcomer thru Jesus Christ Amen .

So I know I am not perfect and the more I try it seems the more I fail my Savior on a daily basis but the Word of God tells me too …,!

So even with my shortcomings I will daily sing unto my Lord tho I just learned this song but it’s a testimony about my life of before I thought true happiness was being in bars daily and the happy hours and the different women I had, and I was never happy but now I am single of many years now but my happiness I found in my Savior Jesus Christ and this song I am singing to my Lord for bringing me out of this lifestyle and I know as I practice this song daily Jesus will teach me to get better with my voice and the guitar 🎸 cords for all his glory Amen and all glory goes to my Savior Jesus Christ .

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