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True story of Gods Agape love

I just want to share with you this story of 2 Jews during the German torture under hitler and the love of God in this story of a great example of we as Christians we should love and care for one another here is his story .

And what the Bible teaches us about loving one another even loving our enemies Amen .

And how the Bible teaches us to exhort one another daily it keeps us from the sin waiting for us on a daily basis for sin waits on our doorstep every day the minute we wake up and the sin that is planned against us the minute we go to sleep for satan never sleeps .

I just to give thanks 🙏🏻 to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for loving me enough to save me from my sin and letting me be partaker of the ministry he has blessed me with and put me in charge of and I just want to give him praise for all glory goes to him my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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