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Been thru the fire and the Rain

When I was young I use to listen to this song

And I never really understood the Words until today , this song is about a man that thought he would see his lady sone day again but it seems in this song he never seen her again with all there plans and dreams and he asks Jesus to help him stand as with me and my wife we had been thru the fire 🔥 and the rain 🌧 together but when I was sentenced to 17 years in prisons she stood by my side for 11 years of my 17 years sentence .

And the Bible speaks of this type of woman and with all our dreams and plans of living a life for Christ once I was to be released from prison never came to pass we always talked about ministering for the Lord as a husband and wife team which never came to pass but she was by my side like a virtuous woman by my side as I spent my years in prison

And now I can understand this song for as me and my wife had many plans after my release from prison not knowing that I would be released from prison never to see you again because she went home to be with our Lord Jesus amen May all glory go to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and giving me the understanding of what was the real meaning to this song that I did not understand when I was young .

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