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Prison life what it’s about

First you go to jail then you go to court and then you get convicted according to the crime committed and sent to prison as for my life it happened in Texas so I was sentenced to 17 years to the Texas department of criminal justice institutional division.

And then you get assigned to a unit and your prison life starts which not many people understand prison life or what is all about not even documentaries about prison can tell you about the real prisoners experience you have to live it to truly understand what a person actually goes thru in a daily basis .

And this is the routine of one first arriving to his prison unit assigned and what time of environment you will live in for the years your were sentenced .

And then the hard labor of job assignments one is given when first arriving in there assigned unit , it is in the fields of working in the heat or cold it’s and all day rough job to survive for even to ones that are over weight or have never worked in there lives .

But there is a prison church ⛪️ where you can go to and let God transform your life to become a law abiding and productive citizen .

But there is also the worse part of prison life that no one speaks much about unless you have actually lived there at some point in life and that’s the prison gangs there is more inmates than guards in prisons so when a riot breaks out the guards lock down the unit until all has died down then go into the cell blocks with tear gas for the remainders still standing and these are just a few pictures of a riots aftermath.

And also the weapons made and used in the prisons during these riots .

But Gods Word teaches us that it is the sin in the world 🌎 and the snares of satan that destroy Gods creation of mankind by living in sin and the aftermath of sin the Bible says .

And this is Why God has blessed me with this ministry and the anointing of his Word and the hunger to go out to these prisons to take Jesus Word unto the lost because it was here in a prison cell 3 times in prison and the last time sentenced I was given 17 years and during this time is where God transformed my life amen .

And now after living the life behind the razor wire I now go in and take the word of God to the place I once lived for many years with my testimony Amen 🙏🏻 and this is why God has called me into the ministry but especially into the prison ministry because it is just not my duty but I actually have deep feelings for these men and woman behind bars because I know the hurt and pain we have caused ourselves but not just us but are loved ones as well are behind them bars with us either worried or praying for our safety for this lifestyle is not one I would never want any one to live . So I am also adding my first service in the Texas prison after my release no longer a prisoner but a ambassador for Christ being a light for his glory .


And what Gods Word also tells us about visiting the prisoners as well hope you all enjoyed this study 📖 of a prisoners life all glory be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻

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