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Month: November 2019

Giving thanks to God always

I sit here a try to learn a new song to my King 👑 of kings and Lord of lords and I do get nervous when I try an Learn […]

Been thru the fire and the Rain When I was young I use to listen to this song And I never really understood the Words until today , this song is about a man that thought […]

True story of Gods Agape love

I just want to share with you this story of 2 Jews during the German torture under hitler and the love of God in this story of a great example […]

My Mother’s prayer Just want to send this song out to all who still have there mothers and pray for the ones that no longer have there mothers this song reminds me […]

Prison life what it’s about

First you go to jail then you go to court and then you get convicted according to the crime committed and sent to prison as for my life it happened […]

Ride out your Storm with Jesus . As in this song and in the Word of God when we’re going thru the Storms in life Jesus is with us if we ride out the storm in […]

I am blessed of the Lord In Genesis 2:18 Gods Word says it is not good that man should be alone I will make him a help meet for him , At one time I […]