Matthew 25:36 you came to prison and visited me

In the Book 📖 of Matthew Jesus said you came to prison and you visited me , and then they asked him when did we come to prison and visit you and he told them when you visited one that believes in me is when you visited me .

God has commanded us believers to go and preach the gospel , and we as ministers of God God to the worst of the worst those behind the Razor wire to let them know Jesus loves them and wants to save there souls , that is the mission he gave us .

As we from Micheals fellowship group and Deep in the Word ministries went to the maximum security Michaels unit to proclaim the gospel of Christ and we found out by the chaplain that this year in that prison has been the highest suicide rate that in all history and God out me down the path of one as I and 2 other brothers went into 3 building B-2 block and walked around looking for hurting souls that needed Jesus and here is what happened .

And our story will be of what Jesus did in our lives and transformed us from a mess into a message , from a prisoner into a prison minister amen 🙏🏻

But we as ministers need to get addicted to the ministry of the saints and keep ourselves continually to Gods Word amen 🙏🏻

And here is one of my ministry videos with us ministering in prisons but the Music 🎶 is played by my brother Ray and the singing 🎤 the main vocalist in this song in my son Richard the 3rd and back up singer is my brother Ray I would had loved to have the anointing my son has for singing and the anointing my brother has for playing and creating music 🎶 amen 🙏🏻

Hope all who read and listened to this video we’re blessed for I give all glory and praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tho right now I may be struggling with myself , spiritually , physically and mentally I need to stay focused for the devil is only after us to kill , steal and destroy and I cannot let him win this battle because if God be for us you can be against us . Amen .

Amen and glory be to God .

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