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John 14:6 Jesus is the way …,

at times we as Ministers want this type of life but what does his Word tell us .

But because some times we are to Focused on self this as Gods Word tells us sets in our eyes and heart , but some times we don’t notice that our own selfish motives come into play in our minds as our Lord teaches us

But we should always put others first before we think of self and Gods Word says

And Gods Word teaches us that a woman is a gift from God nothing we earn or have the right to ask for .and the second we as ministers want and perfect ministry but God Word say …

But first we need to get addicted to the ministry of the saints and give ourselves to the ministry oof Gods Word .

And as I thought this would be me and my wife this never came to pass but now me in my selfishness instead of seeking to minister to others I’m always thinking of myself and needs and desires but Gods word tells me .

But one thing God did teach me tonight if quit thinking about myself and my desires and focus on others needs and to always to always put God first others second and myself last and his Word tells me .

And after God spoke to me tonight I wept all because I have been denying God and God has taught me to feed his sheep and be a pastor to his flock and this is what God has ordained for me but after today I think I need to step back a slow down and see what God is trying to teach and get my mind right and focused in him before I’m ready to teach bible study and prison ministry and the posts I put because I have been slacking I may be out for a while before I hear from God and he sets me strait , we cannot serve a great mighty God if we get confused with Gods ways in our life and expect things in our own understanding so it’s been a blessing but I am going to wait on God before I can minister to anyone in my Confusion God bless you all and may you all have a blessed and peaceful life as God directs you daily amen 🙏🏻

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