I am not ashamed of the Gospel Romans 1:15-16

I am ready to preach the Gospel . Amen today I am doing this bible segment by video satan has been after me the past couple of weeks and doing his best to keep me from bringing to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I had lost my wallet with all my ids credit cards bank cards and money then the following day I had a bad stomach virus 2 days later upper respiratory infection and bronchitis and now I have a rash from head to toe that is driving me insane but I have to trust in God of his promises of healing in his Word ISAIAH 53:5 , 1st Peter 2:24 , Psalms 107:20 and just perch the Gospel .and have to be ready at all times :and it is only satan and his tricks , deception , the sickness he try’s to put on our bodies and and try’s to destroy our finances but Gods Word lets us know this ahead of time when we study his Word that while we try to live for God satan will try to hinder in us because he is a fallen Angel once lived in heaven but was cast down to hell :so as I sit here after satan has done what he has done to my body and still is trying to keep me from bringing Glory to God thru the ministry he has blessed me with I have decided the best way would be thru a recorded bible study today amen 🙏🏻 and all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , hope you are blessed with my testimony my lungs still are not completely healed but I am claiming his healing done amen 🙏🏻

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