Winning souls for Christ

The Word of God teaches us that we are anointed by God and if you are anointed , a man of God should never have to get people to cone to Christ Jesus by luring people to God with food , drinks or gifts because the anointing of God has the power to draw all unto him :

The Definition of luring is :

as Noah preached at the beginning of time by Gods anointing because the wickedness of man in the World 🌎 and as some do in the world today instead of being led by God or making a bigger name for there church , ministry or organization by adding more people to make there ministry bigger they miss the point as in what they offer in there festivals which is good for the right reason if it was of God and not man let’s see how the Bible teaches us to lead men to Christ as Jesus left the church and example and then the apostles :when I was incarcerated with a 17 year sentence I met a minister Bear and Dove Morgan that told me about what to expect when I was released and what type of ministers and ministries to watch our for the ones that see your anointing and just want to use you for your anointing or to make there ministry look very anointed but just for gain and I was blessed to meet this brother and his wife while I was in prison .and just explained to me to keep Deep in the Word and God would lead me down the right path to bring glory to his name and he are more scriptures on the ministry of Jesus and the apostles and how they drew men to Jesus is was by Gods anointing :as here many came to Jesus not to hear of his saving grace but because of the food he fed them as in a lot of festivals Gods Word teaches if they came to Jesus just to be fed without him anounsing a big church festival how much more will they come who offer free gifts food and drink when the leading and the winning souls comes by Gods leading and his light shinning thru us his servants I have learned these 12 years I have been serving God out of prison and that is not to be led by men but by God and his anointing it’s not how big the crowd or the ministry but a willing heart if it’s only one soul at a time then let God be glorified amen 🙏🏻 it’s not how you preach Jesus but how you live Jesus 24/7 amen hope you we’re blessed with this study on Gods anointing and leading amen 🙏🏻

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