The Power of Gods Word

The Word of God tells us to trust in the Lord with all our heart .rhe Word of God tells us we are born again by his Word .the Word of God tells us that it teaches us correction and instruction on how to live a Christine life .the Word of God also Sanctifies us and sets us apart for Gods glory .the Word of God teaches us that his Word is grace and as we study 📖 the Word teaches us to grow in his grace .the The Word of God also teaches us that is is spirit and it life ..,Gods Word is so powerful that he created the world 🌎 by the Word of his mouth which is our Bible .the Word of God is truth for God is a holy God and cannot lie .what is truth ? That but learning Gods Word we can be free from sin poverty and the worse of all stuck in a religion that will send you directly to hell as Gods Word tells us .the Word of God tells us it has the power of Salvation .we also get our faith by hearing the Word of God .there is healing in Gods Word .Gods Word always comes through and never comes back void .God Word is so powerful it will help you over come evil thoughts and desires like a two edged sword .Gods Word is so powerful it will help you over come when you want to throw in the towel and quit serving God will the trials are just overwhelming Gods Word will keep us standing strong I know I’ve been down that road .Grace and peace is granted to us thru the knowledge of God thru his Word .the Word of God will help us over come sin and it will also teach is how to know and understand God and the knowledge of the Word he teaches us .the Word of God is one of the most powerful weapons we have against satan and his tricks we just need to understand how much we need to study daily and learn Gods Word because our help and power is in Gods Word as Jesus spoke to satan in the word Jesus said it is written .so we need to study 📖 Gods Word daily for God to lead us to the truth as in Acts 17:11 .

I hope and pray everyone was blessed with this bible study 📖 on the importance of getting to know Gods Word and your power against satan and his tricks all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and hope you enjoy this short video as well amen .

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