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Genesis chapter 3:16-24

The fall of man and the sin that we inherited will be series 2 in the book of Genesis chapter 3we see that in verse 16 that bow that sin cane in to mankind now the woman would have labor and pain in child bearing which in the beginning there was no pain but sin brought pain in woman cheating children .and the Adam God told him because his sin that in hard labor and sweat he would now have to work for a living .but Alain brought and curse over the land of thorns and thistles and we now see painful thorns on beautiful Roses .and Jesus wore this curse for us when he died in the cross for the sins of the world .and we this act of love Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law that Adam brought on all mankind .and now because of sin we are all bound to die and some point in life , because of death cane into the world and well will return back to the dust from where God formed us from .

in verse 21 we see here that God did the first sacrifice to cover mans sins for the only way for Gad to make coats of skin there had to be an animal sacrifice , which only points that only God can save us from our sins or only God can cover our sins Adam tried to cover his sin by making his own covering out of leaves .

thus we know that it is only God and thru Jesus Christ can we be redeemed from our sin and have eternal life Amen ,and here we end end series 2 of Genesis chapter 3 that from the fall of mankind in Genesis chapter 3 that it is only God thru Jesus Christ that can save us from our sins and give us enteral life in Christ Jesus amen 🙏🏻 I pray everyone was blessed with this bible study series on Genesis chapter 3 and all glory goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ .

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