Genesis chapter 3

The fall of mankind In the beginning of Gods creation of Adam and Eve sin came into the world and death by sin . And the fall of man starts in Genesis chapter 3 .now as we read here in Genesis verse 3 Eve added something to Gods Word that God did not tell Adam which was that they could not even touch the tree , and in Genesis 2:16-17 we see what God told Adam about the tree .and in the book of Revelations it also tells us not to add or take anything from Gods Word in Revelation 22:28-19 and now as we read thru Genesis 3:4-7 we find that was Adam and Eve had disobeyed God and committed sin by eating of the tree of Good and evil that quickly noticed there sin and there nakedness and tried to cover there own sin with leaves , for we Cannot save ourselves or cover ours sins only God can save us from sin .in the book of Romans chapter 4 :1-8 Gods Word tells us that our works can not save us of our sin or can we hide our sin But on God can save us thru the sacrifice of Jesus Christ .and in Genesis chapter 3:8-11 we see God asking Adam how did he know that he was naked .and here is where we see as we are fallen from righteousness to sin because here is where we see our first lie and instead of taking our downfall we tend to blame others for our Sins as Adam did here he did not just blame Eve but he also put the blame on God for giving him the woman and we also see Eve putting blame on the serpent .and in Genesis chapter 3:14-15 the fallen Angel Lucifer now the devil and the serpent are cursed .and as the serpent was are curse of sin and death that brass serpent was as a type or Christ was the way our salvation would come by Jesus dying on the cross for our sins .we will start the Rest of this bible study series tomorrow I am ending here on Genesis 3:14-15 and we will finish Genesis chapter 3 tomorrow hope you were blessed with the study of Genesis 3:1-15 as me and my Co-Workers had a blessed time today after work studying on the same subject in Genesis .

all glory goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen 🙏🏻