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Month: September 2019

Winning souls for Christ

The Word of God teaches us that we are anointed by God and if you are anointed , a man of God should never have to get people to cone […]

The Power of Gods Word

The Word of God tells us to trust in the Lord with all our heart .rhe Word of God tells us we are born again by his Word .the Word […]

Leaders and great leaders

the Bible teachers what a leader is a what a great leader is : A true leader is not a person who wants to be in control or to take […]

Psalms 142:7 prison-warfare

my Mother’s prayers and Gods Word prepared me for the battle I would face in this corrupted evil world , that God had to teach me how to put on […]

Genesis chapter 3:16-24

The fall of man and the sin that we inherited will be series 2 in the book of Genesis chapter 3we see that in verse 16 that bow that sin […]

Genesis chapter 3

The fall of mankind In the beginning of Gods creation of Adam and Eve sin came into the world and death by sin . And the fall of man starts […]