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1st Peter 2:2

As Babies are born they start off drinking milk for nourishment because they are not capable of eating regular food .and so is our spiritual walk with God we have to start off with the milk of his Word that we may grow up to adulthood spiritually .why ?see when we are still unlearned in the Word of God we are like babes not know and understanding Gods Word and as adults physically we can still be babes spiritually as Gods Word says in the book to the Corinthians at times we may think we know Gods Word but when there is divisions and arguments about religion or what church it the right church then you are still as a babe as spoke to the 1st Corinthians 3:1-3 but these men should have been teachers already as it speaks in the book of Hebrews and when we God open our eyes spiritually and help us grow ? When we stop arguing and complaining to God as in Thr book of ISAIAH you know when we were young children and then after we had children of our own when we wean a child from milk and his bottle he falls on the floor kicking and crying because he still wants his bottle but we take it from them little by little until they no longer want the Bible and we are weaned and ready for Gods meat of the Word when we stop complaining to God like children when we pray and we do t get things our way we get angry with God because things don’t work out the way we want them too when we understand that then we can speak as david did in the book of psalms and when we surely understand this and just have the faith in God that he know what’s best for us and knows when to start blessing us with the meat of the Word then we can understand that he is preparing us to be teachers , Evangelist and preachers and in the book of Hebrews .as we see in this picture the children are growing from milk into eating a full meal and they are growing as we do spiritually and it all is don’t by faith in God and his timing amen and in these verses in the Bible , and this is why I give glory to love and love posting my first time preaching on Death Row Polunsky unit because it shows me the power and anointing of God because what I am preaching I can’t believe it’s coming from my lips for these Words are not coming from me but from God amen 🙏🏻

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