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1st Corinthians 14:33

What happens when you have been walking down the narrow path , but you feel confused and lost because Gods Word promises you that you will not walk that path alone and looking for your path as in this picture but you’ve been doing it for years and Gods word tells you .but you feel lost and confused but Gods Word promises …!but you still fill alone , to do the battles of your family by praying for them as the Word of God tells us ..,!what do you do or tell God tour tired and you feel drained physically , spiritually and emotionally but God tells you ..,! but also you read in his Word that God has always sent ministers out in 2 ..,! and why does God send them in 2 or more ? Gods Word tells us …,!but Gods also promises that God will not let us handle more than our plate …!and what do we tell God when he says bare one another’s burdens , when you feel like you are doing it all alone yet Gods Word says ..,!what do you tell God when he gives you his Word a ministry and a license with no end date one you never asked for but God gives it to you anyway ..,!and what do you do when God gives you a ministry and every one comes to you for prayer and ministers call you to go visit prisoners then God opens doors for you at your Job to teach his Word but you feel drained and physically and emotionally tired and you feel like throwing in the towel and running like Jonah …,!but deep inside you know you could never run or hide from God and his Holy Word and his Word tells us …! what does a man do when he once preaches like he is on fire 🔥 …,!

but now you feel like your light is burning out and your fire 🔥 is ceasing and you no longer feel the fire you once had like in this video but Gods Word tells you this ..,!yes even me as a Minister I ask God these questions and feel like running away or throwing in the towel , I’ve learned that God puts people in our lives for a reason , a Season and a lifetime , my life always seems I get people always coming into my life just for a reason and that’s for me to teach and then there gone out of my life and I ask God where is my Teacher where is my friend where is my companion to help me fight my battles as your Word says but God stays silent what do I do then , I could ask God a million questions but he has put his Word in my heart so all I can say is , God give me the power to make it another day give me the power to be your light another day , give me the power to teach you Word another day Lord I’m weak I’m human and I need your help daily …!

And he always takes me to his Word )so I guess my prayer would be that at the end of my time here on earth I can say what Paul said that I have endured until the end I have finished my course and I have kept the FAITH .Amen .

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