A Mother’s unconditional love

From the beginning of time when God created man , God seen that a man could not live alone with out a companion .and thus God created Eve to be Adams companion as God did for me a beautiful Godly Woman .and then God gave us 4 beautiful Children in which are a gift from God .and with this woman mother’s grieve for there children as children grieve for there mother’s once They pass on .and only God can give a man and children a good Godly virtuous woman .and we had this type of family at one time but God did take my wife home to be in heaven at a very young age 36 years old and left my children when they were still young so I made this video and study for my children that I know to this day this grieve over the love of there mother but it’s also for all you have gone thru the loss of losing there mother I am still blessed to have my mother so I don’t know what it is like to lose a mother but hope and pray that this video will bless you of the gifts from God and a mother’s and wife’s love ❤️

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