God's Marvelous Light

In Your Darkest Moments, Find and Bask in God’s Marvelous Light

Many times, we can say we’ve seen marvelous light. Fireworks, for instance. Or stadium lights at night. Cityscapes. Lighted bridges, the Northern Lights, lightning storms. All are lights that we might consider “marvelous lights.”

But, have you ever really considered light – or marvelous light – as a spiritual matter?

Let’s start with what light is, and what it is not.

God's Marvelous Light
We can say we’ve seen marvelous light. Fireworks, cityscapes, the Northern Lights… all are lights we might consider marvelous. But, spiritually speaking, marvelous light has a more apt context. You see, as people prone to shoveling so much darkness in our lives, we forget we’re children born to bask in and share God’s amazing light.

What Light is, and What Light is… Just Not

My college psychology 101 professor stated matter of factly to the class that “darkness is the absence of light.”

My good friend, seated in front of me, turns and with a big ole grin, and whispers, “watch this!”

He raises his hand and a surprised professor calls on him. My buddy says, “I hear what you’re saying, and I think I agree. But… what it… light… is… the absence of darkness?

Rarely have I witnessed such a deeply dumbfounded look on a person’s face than that presented in response by the prof.

They bantered back and forth for a couple moments, and then, finally, the professor simply said; “it’s just not.”

When Life Feels Like the Absence of Light

This silly moment is a humorous story I like to tell. It’s probably only funny to me, but I tell it anyway. Not only do I find it funny, I find some life lessons in the mere premise.

Too often, we’re prone to shoveling so much darkness in our lives, we forget we’re children born to bask in and share God’s amazing light.

I get it; we’re all have bad days or weeks. Even bad life seasons. Myself, I can sometimes have days where I’m angry simply because I’m awake. Those are the days when something falls every time I open a cupboard, the soap falls in the sink every time I wash my hands, I spill things or dribble on my shirt, I drop my phone every time I pick it up… it’s never ending. .

There are those days, yes. To an observer, it might look comical. And, in light of eternity, they’re inconsequential. They’re easy to dismiss. But, then there are the days where you can think of nothing else except throwing in the towel because you’re just plain defeated.

When I have those times, I typically retreat into a “dark” mode. It’s probably no coincidence that those times usually come as autumn rolls in. When the daylight is dim at best at the time of day I must roll out of bed.

I hate going dark. Don’t like who I am or how I behave. The way I feel is the worst, because I feel meaningless. I give into depression. While I am thankful those emotions never get manic or worrisome enough where I might do something drastic and unchangeable, those emotions exist nonetheless.

It’s natural for us humans to go to these darkened places. And I am convinced that God uses the darkest moments of our lives for His eternal glory. For in the darkest moments, light shall shine brightest!

When Light Shall Become the Absence of Dark

Stand up, shout it out, sing it loud, so the world can’t drown us out. And before we depart, let’s leave a mark ’cause light shines brighter in the dark. – Thousand Foot Krutch, “Untraveled Road”

Too often, we’re prone to shoveling so much darkness in our lives, we forget we’re children born to bask in and share God’s amazing light.

Yes, I just repeated a sentence I used earlier in the post. That tells you how important I think it is. It’s not important because I wrote it. It’s important because God ordained it.

Here, I am reminded of a Joseph Conrad book, Heart of Darkness. The book, in a nutshell, is about this guy going down the Congo River. Leaving shore, he notes that the faces he’s leaving slowly fade into darkness and with them, civilization disappears.

Further down the river, he’s less connected to civilized life and realizes the people he’s working for are equally savage. It compels them to take advantage of uncultured peoples. Throughout the story, readers are continually being reminded that anywhere there is light, it is good.

And where there is dark, it is bad. Some might say, it’s where the Devil lurks.

Keep that in mind. No matter your darkest moments, take care to not shovel your darkness into the brightened light of those around you. And, if you have an opportunity to help pull a brother or sister from their trenched in darkness. Give it a shot.

Remember, darkness is simply the absence of light.

It just is.

God’s Marvelous Light

Show forth the praises of Him, who hath called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. – I Peter 2:9

God’s marvelous light cultivates and brings change into the lives of even the most hardened of hearts. It’s no 40 watt bulb. This is a vivid, powerful and “marvelous” light.

This light is never OF the darkness. It never comes from the dark. Light always overcomes darkness. And that is what makes the light onto our personal bouts of darkness so marvelous! God’s light is supernatural and it is eternal. It’s glorifying and shall “show forth the praises of Him.”

That’s a pretty marvelous light.

One we must view with wonder.

There is a light which lights every man that comes into the world, but God’s marvelous Light comes only to His chosen and gladdens only those whose eyes have learned to look to Jesus and who find their soul’s confidence and salvation in Him who is the very Light of God” – C.H. Spurgeon

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