Death Row Preaching – 3 Reasons Why It’s Unforgettable

This was the first time God used me to preach his Word when I was released from prison after serving a17 agg sentence , God brought my soul out of prison to preach his Word as in spalls 142:7 . And sent me back to where I lived many years in the Texas prisons .

Death Row

hope every one may be bless with the message and music 🎶 God bless me with to take back into the Texas prisons where God transformed my life into a a lawful citizen and a minister of Christ Jesus Amen 🙏🏻

part 1 of the Texas death Row service ..,!

part 2 , I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me Philippians 4:13 .

A Word From Eduardo Quintana

A Call To Action

Men, our families need godly men. Our wives need godly men. Our world needs godly men. Will you be a man with me? Let’s show ourselves strong by living for the Lord. Today I ask you to decide, will you be a man or a mouse? Will you be a Godly man or will you turn your back on God? Will you be a man that lives to serve his wife and children or will you be the man that lives to please himself? Choose today what kind of a man you will be, as for me and my sons, we will serve the Lord and be the men that God created us to be. Will you join us?

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