Storybook Affirmations

Affirmations, Astounding Dreams, and the Power of Prayerful Pondering

God grants affirmations to his people.

I make this statement fully aware that one of the most common questions I see asked among Christians is, “How do I know I am doing God’s Will?” The cynic in me wants to respond by saying you don’t because you’re not God.

God indeed grants affirmations to his people. This, of course, is in addition to correction or rebuke. It’s pretty easy to recognize correction and rebuke. But affirmation? Not always easy.

Affirming Actions

Here, is probably a good place to explain what I mean by affirmation. A simple definition isn’t as simple as you might expect., for instance, offers five different examples. Here, I want to focus only on two of them…

1) The act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed. 2.) the assertion that something exists or is true.

I often tell people about my belief in spirit promptings. It’s those moments that seem to happen out of nowhere – a random encounter, a crazy coincidence, realization that you keep seeing the same theme pop-up in everything you read, listen to, or watch. It may come during an aha moment while in prayer. Such revelations can (and should) be game changers.

Yes, they may sometimes (perhaps often) defy logic or even be disappointing. Even as I type this post, I’m recalling how he’s affirmed a shift in focus that I’ve been mulling only a short while.

God Affirms His Plans for You

Storybook Affirmations
God’s affirmations are not always obvious. But God does show up – sometimes in the most random of places. Our job is to pay attention and respond.

I had a plan. It was the wrong plan. You see, I’ve been researching and compiling information for a book I’ve aimed to write for the last four years (at least). I have been determined to finish it this year and explore publishing options.

But you know what they say about making God laugh: Tell him your plans.

How true this is. You see, the thought entered my mind to instead move a different book into the publication order ahead of the one I really want to publish now..

Crazy, I thought. All the time spent, and this just seems like the absolute right time. I sort of dismissed it. Then I had a bizarre dream that very night! I am talking super bizarre.

A dream like that always leaves me asking why. So, as I examined it and started connecting the many dots, I felt an affirmation that God was telling me my silly notion is not so silly. In fact, just by admitting it, I quickly had a title and launch strategy fully developed in my mind within mere moments.

Okay, God, I hear you.

Using Affirmations for Change in Your Life

In 2010, during the midst of one of my “hopeless seasons,” I found myself emotionally and spiritually challenged beyond anything I thought I ever would. I reflected upon my place, prayed mightily and determined to change course.

I drafted my “2011 Affirmations” which became the theme – or anthem – for bettering myself and my life in general. Of course, they developed through prayer and reflection. However, they also represented of the change I felt needed to occur. For a year, I recited this affirmation several times daily.

I cannot even begin to tell you the impact it had. This mantra became a state of truth rather than ambition. With each day, my personal confidence increased and I could better focus on the light in my life while ignoring any darkness that existed.

Here is that Anthem…

Focus your eyes.
Free your mind.
Color outside the lines.
Stand tall.
Take action.
Move ahead.
Learn from it all!
God’s on your side,
Be nobody’s doormat!

So there’s my mantra. An affirmation and divinely inspired battle cry. My anthem, if you will.

What about you? What’s your anthem?

If you don’t have one, you don’t need to wait for the New Year to make one. Pick one area of your personal character you’d like to see better developed. Pray over it. Write it on a sticky note and put it on your sun visor or on your mirror, locker, coffee maker – anywhere you’ll frequently see it.

Recite it out loud. And do it often.

If you’re paying attention, you just may witness the Holy Spirit affirming it along with you!

Let me know how it goes.

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